WE RISE BY LIFTING OTHERS. Inspired by Davido.

I bring you greetings from my janded empire. I believe you are doing great as always…
I always love to see people who look out for ways to make the lives of others better. So, i kept tabs with some activities on TV and learnt a great deal. One of which was what Davido, a popular Nigerian artist talked about at the just concluded Headies event organised to celebrate efforts and hard work.  ” We rise by lifting others”. Asides being a huge fan of his music, that word sank into my heart as i just loved and appreciated him more. As a matter of fact, it takes little effort to help others especially if you have the means to. We just have to try.

Someone just might say, but i do not have the means to and as a matter of fact, i’m still struggling to find my bearing. Oh yes i know, you may have a little bit of constraints but just as i said in a post i made on Facebook last week, as little as a reason to smile, a warm hug, a link or connect as the case may be, you have raised someones morale and increased their momentum and the ability to put more effort as they also thrive to help others. Truth is, if one person can help one person and the help keeps going round little by little, the world can be a better place. How long do you think the government will take to answer to everyone? If i must say a word in that regard, it’s not even possible for the government to… There is much to deal by the government and we cannot wait on them to do everything., Hence we might be waiting for them forever. We have to look out for that little need we can meet and be sensitive and willing to work it out for good. As much as you think it only makes them happy and pay some level of respect to you in that regard, how do you feel as a person, knowing someone has decided to stay strong and do more with themselves; think about that.

“Indeed, we rise by lifting others.”

If you think, closing your eyes to the need of others and probably laughing at them or looking down on them will make you feel better or ahead, then you are so wrong. Status change you know and if you wouldn’t help a man, another will. Anytime you see a need, just know it is an avenue for you to go higher in life. Please, find a need and attend to it, just in case you cannot do it alone, you can seek for help from like minds …it is okay to ask for help you know.

There is someone out there who needs your help. As  a matter of fact a whole lot of persons need help but you can choose to start with ONE PERSON.

Tables turn you know and you never know when;according to a wise man”One good turn deserves another.”

Okay i need to say something about that quickly before i stop typing today. That you helped someone today is not a guarantee that they will or must be the ones to help you tomorrow, trust me when i say they might even forget about you or never show appreciation for what you did, but not to worry, it comes back to you somehow. Personally, i have experienced situations like that when i stood for people and they never showed up for me. Did i feel angry? Oh yes! I’m human, but i was glad i helped them from the low estate i found them. Did help come through for me somehow? Sure it did.

Okay, this is where i bade you goodbye till i drop another insightful article again. Never forget that the world is waiting to reckon with your uniqueness, find it!

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