Talk2ebijanded… celebrated faces for the month of May

Yeah, and then again,,there is a new development in respect to my blog posts at the end of every month. I have a group on whatsapp “talk2ebijanded” as a matter of fact, that gave birth to this blog as i wanted to reach out to a larger population. So, it’s a group comprising of singles and married and we just look out for each other, share ideas, learn, unlearn and relearn. Trust me when i say I’ve  learnt a great deal from that platform. We have a face of the week who is responsible for day to day activities on the group for that week, including our chain prayers every Friday where we pray about sensitive issues in our lives and the lives of others connected to us. The group is highly inspiring. We also ask sensitive questions and receive answers from ourselves. So today,i’ll be introducing the three faces we had for the month of May and details about them. I will also share the celebrations we had on the platform… those who celebrated their birthday’s or got engaged…hehehe,,,one of us got engaged and had her introduction in same month. We are indeed happy as we love progress reports.

Our faces of the week were Iboro, Jiti and Alexis. Let’s meet them personally.

Meet Iboro Paul Udoh. was born on the 4th of September and she hails from Akwa Ibom. She is a graduate of Madonna University with a degree in Business Administration. She is presently running a masters program in Business Administration in Covenant University.She is a public speaker, fashion designer and CEO The Ultimate Woman.

She addressed over 4 topics on the group but i will be sharing just one of them. Her topic was on Social Media Marketing (SMM).

“Social media is not demonic and it is not a waste of time. People have used and are still using the social media platforms to establish their businesses and control a large audience(customers). Everyone you interact with on any social media platform is a potential customer. Do not chat away your data or see movies alone. Sell yourself and what you do. even if a lot of people are already into what you would love to do,there is something called branding.  Have your own distinct way of doing yours and promoting your brand. If you want to see your business grow, then patience and passion are vital ingredients you need. Passion will drive you to learn more,market more and push more. With patience, you will watch your business grow but you must know that the starting point is never easy as it does not promise to be rosy. Building is a process that must be done with patience.”

I personally enjoyed this segment as a business oriented person and most especially because i’m a laundry woman. I love business talks…

Our second face of the week of May was… Jitimiebi Joy Sanami.

She was born June 25th and she hails from Bayelsa State… my sister from another mum. She is a law graduate from Nottingham Trent University. She is a professional  photographer and preparing to go for law school. I can look for trouble now eeeh because i know a barrister, i hope she will stand for me anyways. Her week was fun filled as she was giving us gist vibes back to back. We had over 6 sessions but i will share just one of them. So she asked if women would accept to be proper housewives if their husbands earns over 7 figures… trust me when i say the group got lively as everyone expressed their views. Here is what she has to say in that regard.
“I wouldn’t want to do that because, personally, i do not want to be a liability to my husband. Why will i want to be a hindrance to him? At first, it may be cute, but with time it can become very annoying as he might feel he’s doing everything and you are just there at home like a bag of rice, yes you may be doing all the chores at home but he won’t acknowledge it at all. I may need to buy personal toiletries and to ask him will be embarrassing. I want to have a certain independence. I do not want to loose my respect. I wouldn’t want to be a housewife because my husband cannot stress me out and then go out for side snck, it is not possible. I can only stay at home if i have something going on for myself, like a boutique, supermarket or something to do at least.

This topic was hot indeed. Personally, i cannot deal with that. I want to be part of the progress in the home.

  Our last face for the month of May was… Alexis Chisom Ofodum.

She hails from Anambra state and was born November 23rd. She is a graduate of political science from Madonna University and she has a masters in International Relations. She is an entrepreneur. She also made sure we enjoyed the week as she asked questions that made the group active and lively. One of her question was.. Would you keep a pregnancy resulting from rape or would you abort? lol… big Nigerian question. Everyone had something to say about that but i will share her view only.

“To be honest,i do not know how to answer this question…. The topic was inspired by a friend of mine. She is a victim of rape and she took in afterwards eve after taking contraceptives. She really wanted to abort, but fear did not let her, she has put to bed now and according to her she looks at the child with so much hates and doubts if she would ever love him. Another person can suffer same traumatic experience and choose to abort… here is my take. Everyone has a plan for their lives and pregnancy can put a stop to them. It is not easy carrying a wanted pregnancy not to talk of an unwanted one… Religiously speaking, will keep the child and pray for the strength to love him or her; who knows, my blessings could be attached to the child. Realistically speaking, i would abort especially when i know that the pregnancy will hinder and limit a lot of things ahead.Rape is traumatic, not everyone can deal with it calmly.

Trust me when i say the week was fun with all the wonderful things to learn about. Okay this is all i have in that regard. You can share your views as well.. we would want to hear from you. I will bring you activities and our faces for the month of June… SEE YOU SOON.


 In this new month, be sensitive in all you do and most importantly, put a smile on the face of someone. Happy New Month from the desk of a great mind. Till i come your way again, always remember the world is waiting to reckon with your uniqueness. Find it!!!

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