Hello out there, i’m here again with an article you will love. I was in a chi chat with some beautiful ladies one day when one of them talked extensively on the concept of “village  people”. I know there is a comic usage of that line probably when you mess up and someone might say”your village people don start abi” or they can say” your village people follow you well oh… or dem mean you” LOL. But that’s not the essence of this post today as i have a better concept of the Village People.  Let’s roll..smiles.

Village people here simply refers to your small community. People you share a bond with who don’t necessarily have to be a member of your family. These people are group of persons to whom you are indebted to in a way and they look out for you always.

Let me break it down a little bit by giving you a scenario that you can relate with… Just in case you find yourself in a fix or probably need to get out of a messy situation, the person or people you can call can be referred to as your village people as they reside in your small community. They are always your first hand reach anytime before you do something tangible in life. Life is easy when you have sincere and trustworthy
people in your village. People that will not judge you when you err or look down on you when you need to stand to your feet again.

Personally, i have my own village people. Before i do something in life or take a reasonable decision, i seek their opinions as i trust their judgement and sometimes when i do wrong stuff, i tell it to them and we can just laugh about it and i hear words like”awww Ebi, that’s really crazy.. how did you do that funny thing” and we just laugh over it and i’m better again like nothing really deep happened. Talking about tears moment as well, they are never far from me as they feel my pain like it’s their’s. I remember when i wanted to date my husband then, i was scared to give it a try so as not to get jilted and all but i called on “my village people” and they were ready to listen to me and somehow they understood that i was just having fears and they encouraged me on how to overcome my fears.


I don’t mean like our presidential villa where nation’s burdens are addressed; i mean a safe place where people of common identity and language commune together, discuss and deliberate on very sensitive and more personal issues. We can call it THE EBIJANDED’S VILLA…hehehehe,,,I just got that right now and i feel happy about that. I hope to have a place where people can speak and not get judged.Where the people who commune together are regarded as VILLAGE PEOPLE. So, if you really have to do something important or take a step in life, you can as well speak with “your village people” before going ahead to do it.

Just to clear the air please, always ensure to have trusted people in your village. Look carefully before you allow someone to become your village person and you also have to be sensitive enough to stay real and sincere to your village people. You can do little alone but so much with the right persons around you. When you feel down, they are the persons that bring you up. When you are in lack,they come through for you too. WE ALL  NEED OUR VILLAGE PEOPLE no matter how little or large, take the decision yourself and be happy with your decision.

So much talk already on my concept of MY VILLAGE PEOPLE…I wish you the very best as you choose your village people wisely and stay true to the ones you have already. Till i come your way again, always remember the world is waiting to reckon with your uniqueness; FIND IT!

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