Safety always…please say the word.

This article is a must read for everyone. We must learn to look out for each other…

Some time last week,i was heading back home from a meeting that lasted for almost the whole day when i met this lady in a cab; we got talking and one gist led to another and somehow she shared an experience she had a long time ago and how it has made her grab every opportunity to show care to anyone she comes in contact with.

I noticed how she was calm and checking up on everyone in the cab that day so i asked if she was always that nice and she smiled and responded “Yeah, because life taught me the hard way”

Hmmmm, what could she possibly mean by that…? In all curiosity , i asked her what she meant and she gave me the gist. Time to share.

One day, i was going to work from Kubwa and i was very late so i was rushing to meet up when i stopped a cab and hurriedly made my way into the cab as all i wanted was to find myself in the office as early as possible. As soon as i got in, i saw a pretty lady in front in her NYSC khaki, glued to her phone and chewing gum in a very funny manner. Sincerely speaking, it was a funny sight but i just admired her for her beauty and how she looked cute in her khaki. I noticed she was not using her seat belt but i felt she would anyways since the driver just moved the car and she might just have the feeling to use it; so i did not say a word. Just when we got to Nicon junction, i got a call from the office to confirm if i had a particular document with me and since i did not take it along with me, i pleaded for more time to go back home to pick up the document from the house. I felt bad but i had to tell the driver to stop the car as i needed to alight. I got down and found my way home…On my way back to the office after picking up the document, i saw a group of persons along Mabushi wailing and crying and we all wondered what had happened. We got to the spot and realized an accident had occured. I was so sad but more heartbroken when i saw the pretty girl i admired in her Khaki lifeless on the ground and someone made it clear to us that she did not have her seat belt on. I could not hold back my tears as all i could do was wish that i advised her to use the seat belt as it was recorded that she died on the spot while others had minor injuries and was rushed to the hospital. What can the regret do now when i should have just extended a hand of love to her by advising her to use the seat belt. I have not gotten over the guilt till date as i still wish i said a word”.

I felt really bad with that story and promised myself to always tell everyone to use their seat belt anytime i get in the car with anyone; and sharing this story here is just to send this message to a larger population. Please, look out for anyone you come in contact with as that little word of advice can save a life. Please, always use your seat belts as no journey is short. Who knows, if that corper had used her seat belt that day, she would have been breathing today. Tell it to everyone and save a life! Lastly,before i stop typing today, you need to say a word to that person you think is doing the wrong thing as they may not know what they are not doing right. Till i come your way again, always remember the world is waiting to reckon with your uniqueness… Find it!

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