RED CHRISTMAS… Say No To Child Sexual Assault.

My name is Mirabel and this is my story…

Okay everyone, i am a here again to share a painful experience someone shared with me two days ago. As a matter of fact, this topic is not new to anyone anymore as we see it happen anywhere and everywhere. But honestly, it’s not a good story to tell. I just have to say it anyways.

Mirabel{name withheld} was molested by her uncle and she was just 11 years old when this horrible incident happened. I urge you to follow me closely as  we have to look out for little ones in any way possible.

Mirabel lived with her parents who she barely spent time with. They were always busy and tried to give her everything she asked for. Whatever she wanted for her birthday was what she got and as a matter of fact, she had the best of any gift given to her by her parents. They were not totally well to do but they could afford  a 3 square meal and lived in a comfortable apartment in a conducive location. She was loved by her teachers in school as a result of her intelligence, but she was greatly envied by her peers as they all wished they could be like her. For every time she came out top in her class, she had an amazing reward waiting for her at home… As a matter of fact, she looked forward to it as she tried her best to come out best always.

She stayed more with her nanny since her parents were not always around. The nanny was in her late 30’s then and had no kid nor a relationship so Mirabel was all she looked after. Mirabel’s parents paid the nanny well just so she could look after their daughter for them since she was all they had.

One day, her parents called to notify her that as a result of their business commitments in Dubai, they were not going to be available for the Christmas celebration and that her uncle was going to ensure that she enjoyed the holidays to the fullest and her mum assured her that she was going to always make video calls with her so she would not feel lonely. Mirabel did not like the news but she had no choice since they had to be away for a good cause and as luck would have it, she loved her uncle as he always played with her and never ceases to buy her gifts.

That  Christmas was her worst Christmas ever…  On the 24th of December, Uncle Stan{name withheld} came around and she was very happy that she had her best uncle with her to play and jump around the house with. Mirabel played so much that she fell asleep in her uncle’s room that night but the nanny left her to sleep there as she felt it was safe to sleep there after all  that was her uncle…

Finally, it was Christmas day and that was hell day for her as her Nanny went to the market to get some condiments for the fried rice and salad she planned to make that day and since Mirabel’s parents would be coming back to Nigeria on the 27th of December she planned on storing up some food for them in the refrigerator.

Uncle Stan who had no shame as an adult, knowing he was all alone with the little girl in the house, called her to his room and asked her to remove her clothes and he started fondling her sensitive parts. She pleaded that he let her go as what ever he was doing was not right, but he wouldn’t listen as all that was on his mind was to satisfy his urge. He promised her lots of things and told her he was only trying to help her mature early enough… he tried and tried until he finally made his way into her…. awwww… he broke the HYMEN!

What a shame she felt as she had just a little understanding of what just happened to her. He washed her as she cried in pains as blood was all she could see on her body. He pleaded with her not to tell anyone as he threatened to shoot her parents if she did. Mirabel feared to tell anyone since she did not want her parents to be shot so she kept the secret to herself. Not even the nanny was aware as everything was back to normal by the time she got back and they were both playing as usual; so she felt all was well.

That terrible act continued from that day till her parents got back from the journey and uncle Stan had to leave for good, but anytime Uncle Stan visited, he found a way to get into her… what a pity.

One day, her parents told her Uncle Stan was leaving the country for his Master’s and she leaped for joy but her parents did not understand as they thought she was just happy for her beloved uncle.

Mirabel’s predicament did not end there because at this point, she was now used to the activities she had with her uncle. At this point in her life, she was already getting admirers from the opposite sex and she had to start giving them attention too just so she could satisfy her urge… I mean she was only 11 at this point but her sex drive was really high and she could not stay without someone touching or having sex with her. She had few times with some boys in her classroom while she had other times in the rest room as it felt safer there… she has automatically become addicted to the act that she no longer feels guilty when it happened. See what Uncle Stan caused and how he has ruined her life. A little girl who had a promising future.

Just because i have to fast forward this post, Mirabel is finding it hard to stay committed to just one guy as no one satisfies her and unfortunately she has gotten to a marriageable age today, but she is finding it difficult to settle down. It is so painful that a young girl was not allowed to grow with time plus the negligence of parents also led to this. I will also state here that too much trust led to it too as they thought she was safe in the hands of her uncle… unfortunately, she was not. She is still struggling with addictions and high sex drive today. She decided to share this story so everyone can be careful so we don;t loose another innocent girl to sexual abuse and addictions.

I am not going to end this post without laying emphasis on the male counterparts as they also suffer this too… I have heard of guys who were molested by aunties and family friends who were closely knitted and majority of them could not say it out as no one would believe them and they also did not want to be laughed at… Honestly, we need to look out for the young ones as they need us always. There is a boy out there who has become sexually abused and he is wandering about molesting girls and even boys as the case may be.

PLEASE LET THE BOYS GROW TOO… Don’t molest them!
I always say this to parents; look out for your children and give them sex education early enough. They should know what sex is and how sensitive their organs are because if you do not teach them yourself, they will definitely learn from someone out there and it is not a good story to tell when they do…

As a result of what i do{my foundation and kids affairs, i hear horrible stories that grieves my heart and i cannot over emphasize on the importance of creating time for your kids. Please do not be too busy making money while your kids go astray gradually. They need to grow up healthy too and most times money does not solve the problem they live with as a result of your unavailability and negligence.

Mirabel was just 11.. there are other children out there, age 3 and above who are going through this awful experience even as i make this blog post today and i still see parents who are working so hard to put smiles on the faces of these children, yet they suffer in silence as they are loosing the best part of them gradually. Please, do not be too busy for your children. Spend time with them and find out their personal struggles and give answers to their deep questions.

One last thing i want parents to be careful about is trusting just anyone simply because you take them to be part of the family somehow. This is so wrong because 80% of sexual assaults and child abuse stories we hear about are from these close relatives. Those ones you trust, vouch for and leave your kids with…

Just as i make this post today, one child is tired of being touched and molested. Please, to our young ones, say something, confide in someone and do not hurt yourself and ruin your future. You deserve to grow till the appropriate time and no one deserves to  touch you.

Please, you and i can stop this evil act… Please, i urge everyone to do their part in eradicating child sexual assault in any way possible.
Till i come your way again, remember the world is waiting to reckon with your uniqueness; find it and stay janded! Please, do leave a comment below and suggest topics you would like me to write about. Cheers!

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