2018… New Year Resolutions…

This is my first post for the year and i am super excited about it as the journey gets better only. I really want to appreciate everyone who has stayed committed to my posts… It’s a new year and i would advise that you stay more committed to inspirational articles and real life experiences you can relate with here.I also promise to bring to you more insightful and inspiring blog posts this year… Tell someone, to tell another someone to stay tuned to my blog and i also urge you to stay connected always.

The last week in 2017 was really funny as i listened to many concerns and decisions some of my friends decided to make simply because they want a better 2018… Some said they were going to bade goodbye to bad habits, toxic relationships, unhealthy friendships and whatever it was that was taking their joys away. All of that i must say are good but then again how can you work it out is the question you must ask yourself rather than penning it down only. How diligent will you be towards letting it work out this time?  Most of the time, we call it ‘”New Year Resolutions”.

Okay, did i ever indulge in it…? Oh yes i did! But trust me when i say the first week was the last time i respected my Do’s and Don’ts for the year; LOL.. Not because i did not wish to make it work, but i tell you it’s not easy at all. “I won’t tell lies”, “I won’t fight”, ” I won’t steal” and so on and so forth and we just end up ruining and messing things up more that year. How long please? What is the essence of new year resolutions when you cannot make it work?

Can i tell you what works?
Focus more on becoming a better person in this new year. The things you wished you did or did well, try your best possible to make it work for good in this new year. Impact and touch more lives for good, render selfless services, give to those who cannot repay you, show someone love who hates you for no just cause, call someone on the phone who you vowed never to call, visit someone you said you would never visit,…I could go on and on but all i am trying to say in essence is that you do things that make you happy. Do not for any reason allow hate to dwell in your heart this year. And most importantly, learn to look out for people; both young and old.

Thank God the year is still fresh, so it’s still a good time to tell yourself the truth and find out what exactly the problems were last year. They may not be solely as a result of your choice of friends or relationships kept… Probably you know what it was you did wrongly, be wise and handle it with better understanding.

Personally, i have come to realize that for every year that shows up, you either become better or worse but the choice is solely yours to make.

 I choose to be happy.
 I choose to love.
I choose to care.
 I choose to smile.
 I choose to help more.
 I choose to pray and stay sensitive.
 I choose to build myself mentally and in every good way.
 I choose to nourish healthy friendships and relationships.
 I choose to be around people who make me feel good about myself and also bring out the best in me.

 You can make a decision today and i bet you, you will end this year a better person and you would be proud of the 2018 You! I believe strongly in this year and i wish you the very best as it unfolds unto us for good.

What is your opinion about new year resolutions? Please feel free to leave a comment as we discuss further on the concept of new year resolutions and also tell me if you think it is workable.

For now, I want to use this medium to wish you all A HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Till i come your way next time, remember the world is waiting to reckon with your uniqueness.Stay Janded!

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  1. Well I never believed in New year resolutions so never took part in it… Just believed in getting better nd that's wat I do

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