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I bring you greetings from my janded empire today and i have a wonderful post to share with you and i really do hope it inspires and help someone out there.
When i was growing up, i had this bra that i just love to put on always. Trust me every lady can attest to this feeling and how we can go days with just that one sometimes we even go as far as washing and wearing it the next day. 
I remember vividly when i was about 16 years of age, i had this pink bra that i almost killed just by wearing it. I did not have just that bra but the comfort i felt with that one was epic. I wore it always. One day while i was trying to wash it so i could put it on the next day, the worse happened…
Bra gone bad… The bone of the bra was out and there was no way it could be my best as the pain that came with it was unbearable;but i managed to put it on anyways and endured the pain when i’m out so no one knows the pain i’m hiding from them. 
One day, i was out with friends and i started feeling this excruciating chest pain that gave them concern but i just could not tell them it was the bone from my bra that was hurting me… awww.. if only i could remove the bra and be free again…lol. I endured the pain and ended up ruining the fun we were all having as they all suggested that i go home and relax. 
I went home and hurriedly went to my bathroom to take of the bra and all of a sudden i felt better again. WOW! What a great relief.
I removed the bone from the bra and that was the last day i set my eyes on the bra as i bade it goodbye for good. I just had to say no more to pains that i have to hide when i can stay healthy and better with no pain to hide. If you can relate with this bra experience of mine, please do say goodbye to that bra for good…lol
This is where i hit the nail on the head and buttress on the sole aim of this post today as i know we have so many ladies who have one pain they are going through and would not say a word simply because they do not want to be laughed at or mocked. But common, how long do you want to hide the pain and live in hurt?
Now, this post does not focus on just ladies or women only as the men too go through a lot but society in a way has sidelined them and focused her attention on women more. Everyone seems to have a battle they are fighting and pains they are hiding. If we can confide in each other, we could be better.
I heard of a lady who was being abused and molested by her husband but could not tell anyone for fear of being laughed at and she finally died of depression. People are going through a lot and the best thing they think about is just hiding in their shells and we loose them to silence… Okay, just a minute of silence for those who lost their lives staying mute, but we say NO to suffering and smiling today. Please, talk to someone, seek counsel from the right persons, express yourself and speak about your fears. 
If you can talk about it, it can get better. Say goodbye to the things and persons that hurt you. Say goodbye to abusive relationships that mess you up. No more hurts, no more pains, no more tears and no more enduring a situation because you think it’s the best you can get.
When i gave up on my bra that hurt me badly which i loved,i probably felt i would not have another one but here i am today having so many to choose from and i feel no more pain; but i still have a favorite bra till date but it does not hurt. 
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In essence, i just need us to look out for each other and also try not to judge anyone who confides in us about their secret pains. Till i come your way again, remember the world is waiting to reckon with your uniqueness. Remain Janded!!!

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  1. Wow! It's really amazing how we all can relate with something sooo common but then again most often we only hear and judge instead of listening and understanding. Thanks darling for this simple but mightily awesome piece.

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