The Egg Inspiration

I absolutely do not joke with anything i get inspiration from or the brain behind  my inspiration. This was inspired by my elder sister Benita Siaisiai @Olori_benita.

So we were having a talk time and she dropped it and i’m like eeeeeh, what you just said now is deep and i think it’s worth sharing on my blog. All thanks to you Sisterly for inspiring this.

We all know that the egg is one delicate thing you don’t  joke with. How you hold it or keep it matters a lot; relating this to your life simply means that you need to be careful how you live your life. It is delicate and you must always have the consciousness that you must cherish your life the best way you can.

Once there is a hatching from the mother hen, life begins, hence, if no life begins, eating takes place. Now this is what i mean, If after the egg is hatched, the mother hen chooses not to crack the egg to bring forth her child, it simply means that the egg can be eaten by anyone. In trying to eat it, you either fry it or boil it. Well, that choice is your’s to make. However, your decision in frying or boiling the egg brings me to the talk of PURPOSE. Do yourself a favor by asking anyone who knows me personally, i don’t joke with purpose talk. For me, it’s like everything and the best conversation anyone can engage me with. Unfortunately, people sideline the topic and just go about their lives without the big question of Who am i? and why am i here? You are here for a reason and your duty is to find it before you leave the surface of the earth; not just finding it alone, but making a deliberate effort in fulfilling that purpose.

In a crate of egg, surprisingly sometimes, one out of it gets bad and has to be thrown away. But nothing looks bad about the egg until you open it and the whole atmosphere is filled with something unpleasant. So it is with some of us, we just get too comfortable with life and choose to remain where we call comfort zones and before we know it, life happens and we are no more. This is not good at all. Please, there is a reason why you are here, find it and fulfill it.

Here we have the broken or cracked people. This set of people started well, found purpose and was trying to do something about it, but you know sometimes it gets very uneasy, tiring and frustrating when life happens to you and you just can’t seem to carry on, but you must not give up. You are just cracked, but you still have it in you. There is still a little bit of grace you have, your passions, gifts, abilities, talents, anything you had… Please don’t give up, you can rise up again and do that which you were destined to do and become that which you were destined to be.

No matter who you are, cracked or intact, you have no excuse why you cannot find and fulfill purpose. What is that thing you love to do that no one seems to understand how you get so happy doing it? What is that one thing that can take sleep far from you? What is that thing you cannot stand to see happen, you just feel you have what it takes to stop that thing from happening? What is that thing that only you can do best? What is that one thing you think about and smile knowing you are the brain behind it? What is that thing you wish you could do before He calls you home to Himself and you would be so proud of yourself that you did it…? I always tell people this, live your life to that extent that when you die, people will cry and you will smile.
Personally, i found out that i love to write, speak to people and help them become better, so i started in my own little way having the big picture on my mind. I also realized i don’t like to see children going through pain and going astray; i simply want to help in my little way and that gave birth to my foundation for children which has blessed the lives of over 500 kids and still counting(THE CHILD’S SMILE).
One last thing i want you to know is this, you are precious in the sight of He who brought you here on purpose. He saw a void and brought you to be a voice to that void and you cannot disappoint Him. Do all you can to find and fulfill purpose. Never forget that you are amazing, you are unique, you are the best and without you, the world is incomplete. The world wants to reckon with your own uniqueness.  FIND AND FULFILL PURPOSE.
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Till i come your way next time,Stay janded all the way.

2 thoughts on “The Egg Inspiration

  1. Purpose is the joy of living. Find your uniqueness, it's inside of you. I have had few challenges in life but it never shifted me away from purpose, as amatter of fact challenges most times brings you closer to purpose even though sometimes we feel it is a delay.
    No one on the surface of this earth should serve as a measurement for you. You will say my friends are here and I've not started. Life is in chapters, live your chapter passionately. Someone may be in chapter 10 and you are in chapter 5 do not sit down and feel depressed. Keep living purposefully and you will complete the book of your life.
    God bless you Ebi for sharing.

    Please Ebi I'll love you to write on this topic, THE STRENGTH OF CHARACTER

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