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I want to make this post today simply because one of my consistent follower asked that i say something in this regard, however i plead that no one attacks anyone or say anything to hurt anyone’s feeling as we must all respect everyone’s feeling or take in relation to this sensitive topic.

The issue of tithing has rocked over social media for days now and i must say that everyone is entitled to their opinion. I also would not condone arguments. Apparently, a large number of persons have something to say about tithing so i would not be talking too much about it; i will only give my take on it.

What is tithe?

According to Wikipedia, “A tithe is a one tenth part of something, paid as a contribution to a religious organization or compulsory tax to government”. Tithing is act that continues depending on the individual.

One thing i want to say is this, if you do not understand why you must give, then don’t. It is not your giving that yields positive results for you but the faith you attach to it.

I understand the plight and complaints of everyone but  it is also unfortunate that people do not know the God they are serving for themselves. I have never seen that a gun was placed to your head when you refused to pay tithe… You go to church, listen to sermons, the Holy Spirit teaches you all things and you also have instincts and wisdom. What else do you crave for? I do understand that everyone grows into spiritual maturity differently, so i won’t stress it here.

I was having a discussion with a friend some time last week and he was so angry at the fact that churches are growing bigger everyday, pastors dining and wining in very expensive restaurants while the members of the church are living in abject poverty… He was so pained and took me back to the bible book in Malachi 3:10 and asked me “Ebi, when the members are hungry, can they go to the church for meat? Can the church meet their needs…? Tell me, why then do they say we should pay tithe when our so called pastors drive flamboyant cars, live in expensive houses and even keep bodyguards… Ebi, the church has lost it”. He ended his statement with pain in his eyes. Of a truth, i see all that and as a matter of fact i also have my reservations about somethings but one thing i want to ask  you today is WHO MADE YOU A JUDGE? Let God be the judge over any man’s action. If you feel, you cannot pay your  tithe because you think the pastors are being unjust, then stay alone with your decision rather than looking for people to join  your tent.

I heard about the concept of tithing from a tender age and believed in it. If it has never worked for you, you can as well let people who believe in it go ahead with what they believe in. If the bible has promised to take away evil and pain far from you when you pay your tithe,why not believe in God’s word and trust Him completely. Why look unto pastors and say all sort when you see them living their lives. Do not forget, some of the pastors we talk about have businesses they are doing and that brings in things for them too, so why hurt them with your criticisms?

Why do you have your bibles when you cannot study them on your own, meditate on God’s word, maintain a solid relationship with Him and grow into full maturity where you take decisions for yourself and the decision of tithing is not left out.

“How can i carry my money and give it to church when i know the pastors eat them?”
A dear friend said that to me a very long time ago and i smiled.
Today, as i chat with you, she’s grown fully into spiritual maturity and pays her tithe. It has worked for her because she knows she’s giving it to God and  and she tells God her heart desires as she obeys His word and do according to what He has commanded. Just know God and His word for yourself first and let Him teach you what to do and what not to do.

For further study in this regard, you can  check : Deuteronomy 26:12, Leviticus 26:30,Numbers 18:26- 28, Malachi 3:8-10,Proverbs 3:9, Genesis 14:20, Luke 18:12, Deuteronomy 14:22-29.

If we call ourselves Christians, let us know God for ourselves and stop the criticisms. Let God be the judge over everyone. If the bible recognizes tithing and we have also seen in the bible that people respected and obeyed the concept, what is our argument then… Look unto God and not to any man.

I do not love you all less but i want to end this post by saying that i am a tither, not totally committed to the cause but working earnestly to be faithful in my tithe paying. I believe in it. May God help the body of Christ and also help us never to look unto any man.


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  1. I wonder why people cannot keep their opinions to themselves instead they voice it out and confuse others. The Bible should be our only yardstick not any pastor biko. If there is a Malachi in your Bible then obey it. God will not judge us based on what pastors do but based on if we obeyed HIM completely. Our duty is to pray for those in authority including pastors.
    Thanks for sharing Ebi

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