Sometime last year, i had an inspiration and it centered around the coconut. When it came, i wondered how that would come out eventually but i have always trusted my inspirations; they are always DIVINE.

I headed for the kitchen to pick up a coconut to get ready for what i always love to do and the next voice i heard was from my niece who kept on asking me what it was i wanted to say about the coconut this time… I smiled and asked her to keep her fingers crossed.

Here we go…

The coconut is one fruit that is highly nutritional and over time it has been proven that with the coconut, we can make coconut oil which even moisturizes the skin better than a lot of body lotions… You could try it out sometime you know.

The coconut is one fruit that looks small in size and it’s content or value cannot be seen or cherished without breaking it… When you break the coconut, you find a juice inside of it and i have always wondered how that came about because of a truth, it is a mystery.

I have come to realize that we seldom look down on small sized persons simply because we feel they are limited as a result of their stature but that is a wrong thing to do. Do not judge people by their appearances. I always tell people that great people sometimes do not look it so you may never know who you just looked down on simply because they are small in size; we ought to be careful and sensitive always.

I know sometimes, you feel so bad and even ask God deep questions why it seems to be just you going through a dark phase almost all the time… You are probably writing yourself off simply because life is breaking you and bringing tears to your eyes… Can i tell you something today, those breaking moments are awesome times in disguise… sincerely, i’m speaking out of experience and i have learnt to treasure my breaking moments because just as the coconut needs to be broken before the treasure can be found, so it applies to life… When life begins to break you, just know something good is about to happen for you and the treasure unveiling would be mind blowing; all you need to do is just to treasure that breaking moment and believe that you can only get better and that the breaking time is to make you better and not to kill you. You shall come out of that breaking moment stronger than you ever imagined, i strongly believe that.

It’s always refreshing after a breaking moment you know…
I really love the success feeling
I cherish the victory song
I like the smiles you put on
Nothing compared to the sigh of relief and the testimony of how you overcame…
You even look more beautiful after the breaking moment.

So if all it takes was just a breaking moment for the treasure in you to be unraveled, would you not pray to have many breaking moments?

Please, treasure the breaking moment because your best days are just ahead.


  1. Oh Ebi! This is beautiful. Funny how people look down on petite people, I have petite friends and girl! they are some of the most determined people I have met. It's not by size oh!

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