Okay, as much as this post might make you laugh today, the experience was not funny at all…smiles

Some time in August, i got a call as regards a speaking engagement and i assured the host i was going to honor the invitation. Since i had never visited that state before i had doubts about the people and their environment but i had given my word which was my bond so i told myself’ “Ebi, you have to make it down there however…”

I got myself ready and found myself there… story begins… I would not want to say the first scary story that i was told because the tale took sleep away from my eyes immediately. Then came the soldier ant story. They told  me that the soldier ant bites them whenever and if you would be embarking on a journey and the soldier ant gives you a bite, it’s a pointer that your journey is safe… I smiled when i heard that and wondered how people could believe such a thing.

After i had spent two days with them after the event, with no visit from the soldier ants, i was glad that i would be leaving with no bites. who loves to be bitten by soldier ants anyways? I guess no one. I went to bed that night after getting myself ready for the journey back to base, then came the visit…

That night was terrible for me, i barely slept o, the next thing i felt on my leg was a sharp pain… tears was so far… I searched for the ant but found it not. I sat down patiently waiting to see it, while i kept massaging the leg… I suddenly remembered the story they told me and cheered up a little…smiles. I would definitely arrive my destination in  peace…LOL

As if that was not enough for a journey mercy, there came another… aaarrrgghhhh… not again… i endured the pain and consoled myself to bed as the journey ahead was not for children… I barely slept and the third ant visited. Okay, whats the problem? Is there something these ants know that i’m not aware of?  All i could assure myself of was that provided i was bitten by three ants in one night, i would definitely arrive home safely as it appeared that the people were happy with my visit already…hehehe. I could not wait for it to be 6:AM so i could leave the ants in peace.

Well i got home safely but all through the journey, i could not stop thinking about the experience and it kept me wondering if that tale i was told was really true… what’s your view in this regard?

One lesson i took from that experience is that no matter the number of bites you get from life, provided you are still breathing, you are still in the game; DON’T GIVE UP.

Personally, i do not want another experience with any soldier ant in my lifetime; This would keep me till i die. CRAZY SOLDIER ANT EXPERIENCE.


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