I have some male friends who says they can’t wait to be fathers… I hear them say “I really can’t wait to have my own child” “I will protect my children” ” I will make sure nothing evil happens to them”  So many cute words i hear them say about them watching their own seed grow and become great. I really admire the men, that accepts responsibility when they find themselves in such situations.

Today, i would be addressing this piece to all men most especially to those men that run away from responsibilities when the need arises. Can i even ask you what you thought it was you were doing when you wooed a woman, talked her to bed and ended up putting her in the family way… You thought it was going to be a fun trip? You probably just wanted to be regarded as “Daddy”. As a matter of fact, anyone can be called daddy; but to be a father requires much work and commitment.

It hurts to see kids on the street with no father to take responsibility for their actions… Research shows that women fight for the betterment of their kids these days and most times when you ask questions about the children’s father, you hear lots of painful stories…How do you feel seeing that she struggles so hard to take care of your children alone? Why do you have to hurt her feeling? Please, enough is enough… Do not hurt women and also please don’t hurt the innocent children who did you no wrong. Do you even consider the psychological trauma of having to grow up without fatherly love?  Before you take the next wrong step and decision, please consider these points listed below to know if you are ready for the title; To actually be a father, you can’t be farther.

  • Are you ready to provide? Children have needs and they sometimes want you to meet their wants as well; you can’t give them stories.
  • Are you ready to be a priest?  By priest, i mean their spiritual leader and guide. You have to be ready to speak into their future and pray for them to become great and serve their maker; remember you are just a custodian of that bundle of joy.
  • Are you ready to protect?  You have to be ready for this because children need to feel protected around you their father. Nothing should happen negatively to them or their mum.
  • Are you ready to be a teacher? As a matter of fact, you are supposed to be your child’s first teacher. watch them learn from the little things to the big things. 
  • Playmate: As a father, you have to be seen by your children as someone they can play with and still respect you as their father. feel free to jump around the house while playing games, also jump on your bed or their’s. You just ensure they enjoy every little time spent with you.
  • Talent developer: Are you ready to watch them closely and carefully to know exactly their talents and find out how you can help them harness it?
  • Last but not the least, are you worth emulating? You need to build yourself enough to be the first and most important role model to your child. 

Please, this is not to judge anyone but it’s only a call to order. Please, i urge you all to help these innocent children and support women. To be called DADDY sounds cool  but to be a FATHER is priceless.


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