HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY

This piece is dedicated to women, mothers and girls and it is not just because it’s mother’s day… you are special always.

Mothers are rare gift to mankind
They are most times called the weaker vessels but i am still amazed at their strengths till date as they have always proven to be strong in diverse situations.

How can i forget how much discomfort she feels knowing she is nursing a child inside of her.
Sleepless nights and unimaginable cravings for things she never liked.
How about the experience in the delivery ward; that only her can explain as she struggled to give life to a seed that grew inside her.
The struggles she went through just so i can wear a smile.
She ensured i fed well, wore a smile, had good clothes on, slept well at night, i did well in school, felt better after a brief illness,that i learnt good morals, etc. 
Mama always looked out for me in many ways…
Till date, i still wondered how she managed to put the best meals on the table regardless of how much was given to her.
When i was ill, i watched her pray for me to be strong as she preferred to be down instead of watching me feel down.
I could go on and on but time and words might fail me.

Today, i am taking out time to appreciate the mothers who nursed their children, watched them grow and are enjoying the fruits of their efforts.

I appreciate the single mothers, who despite the difficulties in raising a child alone,did it however.

I appreciate the mothers who are now widows and old but experienced the joys of motherhood.

I appreciate the mothers who had children but today have no child as a result of some mishap.

Special shout out to the mothers who don’t have anyone to appreciate them on this special day, probably because they cannot afford or operate a phone or have little kids who cant express the special feeling of this day to them. [I sincerely wish someone could read this piece of mine to you just so you know you mean a lot to me]

And to all those who lost their mothers, stay strong and celebrate her as a hero whose seeds will always remember her and make her proud even in her absence.

I appreciate the mothers who want much more for their children but can’t afford it as a result of unavailable resources. Your efforts are highly appreciated maami.

I sincerely encourage today’s girl who will turn out to be a woman or mother someday, to stay strong always.

I appreciate every woman and mother out there; please stay amazing always.

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