I’m actually writing this piece straight from my heart and i just want you to know that one day soon, it would be said of you that you were here; so for the mean time, tread easily with utmost care.

I’ve actually gone through life feeling so bad that some people i cherished left so soon, but i taught myself to live with the painful reality as no man lives here forever.

One of my lone evenings, with my ear piece giving me good vibes from my phone, i went so deep in thought and i began to ask myself what people will remember me for when i finally leave planet earth…hmmm… i tell you, it was not really cool for me that i have to accept that one day i would be gone; but i braced myself up knowing that i must go someday just as so many that i knew left. Some even without prior notice, no good byes, or take care’s but today i remember them for the many things they were to us, whether good or bad.

So Ebi, one day you will not be here anymore?  That was a big one for me tho but i remembered the many things God has purposed in my heart to become and fulfill so i had to gird my loins as i told myself that i needed to get to work as there was no time anymore to be a mediocre and wait for a perfect time; as it appeared that there are no perfect times. We just have to make every moment count and ensure that we stay purposeful always. 

I can boldly tell you this today that, the lone deep evening made me believe in myself and has encouraged me towards becoming the me you know now because i am aware of my leaving anytime i don’t know for now… Do not get me wrong,i’m not dying anytime soon; i’m only preparing your mind that it would definitely be regarded of you that you were here someday.

My question for you is this; what would you be remembered for? 

You are here for a specific reason, find and fulfil it before He calls you home.

I have a strong conviction that i did not come to planet earth just to watch and leave….naaah…I came to make a difference, I came to give voice to a void, I came to solve the problems of young minds, i came to put smiles on the faces of people, I came here to inspire. I came here to fulfil God’s intention for creating me.

At the end of the day, when it’s recorded that i was here, i would smile while you hurt because that’s the essence of my coming… to leave empty handed. SMILES

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