Looking at my earpiece and pondering on how much love i have for it made me write this…I hope you get inspired by this little piece of mine

     My earpiece gives me just the right feel or sound i need from it;most times it’s very difficult to share my earpiece with someone.I just get too jealous and over protective and i sometimes wonder why.Of a truth,this is not my first earpiece so why the sudden attachment to this one? Just a moment,you will find out why…

     The first thing i realized is that this earpiece belongs to me and what i place value on becomes extremely valuable.I made the choice to value it.I can relate valuing my earpiece to valuing life.So many of us don’t place value on our lives and so we become valueless.No one appreciates or hold you on high esteem because you don’t even value you.

    Secondly is this,there are other better and expensive earpiece out there but i choose to love and cherish my own not regarding how much it’s worth or if it sounds better than better than anyone’s earpiece.Here i bring you to choice and contentment.It’s actually your choice to make about the good life you always envisioned and you must learn to be contented with the produce of your life. If you are not contented with your life,rather than look down on yourself,envy the lives of others and wish you could have their lives,just upgrade your life the best way you can and choose to have your life because you cant have someone’s life.

     Be contented with your earpiece and choose to cherish it no matter what happens. Never wish to have someone’s earpiece.

     Thirdly is this,sometimes when i start fixing my earpiece to its slot either to listen to good music or watch a video to inspire me,the sound does not come out well;it sometimes fluctuates. I have to adjust it so the sound comes out appealing. Relating it to your life, sometimes you just have to do a little bit of that adjustment to get comfortable. The sound of life may not encourage your dance steps but you must dance anyway. The way to dance as you journey through life is to adjust.

    Fortly, my earpiece sometimes gets tangled. Personally i hate this part,but i find myself staying calm as i try to untangle it. As i do that, i try as much as possible to do it with care so i don’t end up destroying it. As i try to do this, i have thoughts flowing through my mind “Ebi you might end up destroying it, oh!It’s taking too long already, just give up on it,  As a matter of fact how much is it?You can always get another one”smiles…

     I hold strongly to my earpiece as i continue trying to untangle it.Though not too comfortable,but i continued in patience and determination believing that i will do it. 

WOW!what an awesome feeling as i finally succeed. You cannot imagine the joy i feel when that happens. So it is with your life; life might dish out to you things you don’t like and can’t reckon with, but just as i stayed calm trying to untangle my earpiece,with patience which is a virtue,so you must learn to be patient with your life.Close your ears to the voices that whisper negative words to your heart telling you to give up and that it’s too late already.

 Listen to that still voice that tells you,You can.You never know the wonder that voice will do for you.Above all as you stay patient with life,stay determined and focused.Never letting go.Your life will come out good again.

    Now you see why i love and cherish my earpiece…Winks

    It just inspired me.Cheers

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