Following the trend and tension around today, i thought it wise to encourage someone. You are not everyone, as a matter of fact you cannot be an original somebody but a duplicate. A little bit of patience is required and total determination towards finding SELF.

TO: Girls,Ladies and Women
           You’re simply amazing and i adore you. Stop hating on yourself because you’re not like everyone. Always remember you’re special and unique in your own way.

              You don’t have to be an Event Planner/Manager
              You don’t have to be a Fashion Designer
              You don’t have to be a caterer
              You don’t have to be a Public Speaker
              You don’t have to be a Good Dancer
              You don’t have to be Super Organized
              You don’t have to be a Fashionista
              You don’t have to be a Make-up Artist
              You don’t have to be an Artist
              You don’t have to be a Musician
              You don’t have to go on the Heels and Heavy Make-up
              You simply don’t need to fake a life you really don’t like because everyone is something
              Find your own uniqueness and stay true to self. Nobody validates you except God.
       Remember we all have our strengths and capabilities.We are all wired in different ways so it’s better  you find your own uniqueness and give attention to it.

NOTE:Dear friends,please do not look down on any girl,lady or woman who seems not to be doing it big or finding it hard to place their fingers on something.
Sometimes,it’s not really easy for some people.A little bit of time and encouragement is required
Trust me,every lady is unique in her own way.

The most important thing is that you stay true to yourself and remain teachable.

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