Personally, I have had relationships that were awesome and some that had to end somehow… I am writing this piece from experience and similar experiences of some people close to me. You have many signs to look out for but I would give just a few as I expect that more signs would come from you after reading through this  piece. feel free to leave a comment.

Possible Signs That You Have To Look Out For…

  • They find it hard to compromise or make sacrifice
  • They try to downsize you, your dreams and aspirations
  • They focus more on themselves and seldom think about you
  • They define and express love, respect and commitment in their own way and if spoken to on how it ought to be, they react badly.
  • They are full of excuses; there is always an escape route for them
  • They are not expressive and also scared of staying committed to you. They just manage their feelings but sometimes you can understand the writings on the wall
  • They don’t subscribe to the idea of communication as they feel you might know their intentions or detect their weaknesses which might turn you off.

This is not one sided… it can happen from both perspective. my take is this, you don’t want to work it out with someone, then why pretend?  Rather than act like you want a serious commitment when it’s the other way round, why not save yourself the emotional drama… find what you need and be genuinely committed to it.

Please leave your comments as I would love to get more views… cheers

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