Honestly, i was devastated on sunday night as i watched my little cousin cry and pray to be hale and hearty as the malaria symptoms kept disturbing and making him feel uncomfortable. at about 2:AM on Monday morning, he woke me up in tears and before i could ask what the problem was, he started throwing up; i was totally confused and did not know if i needed to smile at him or feel bad for him throwing up in my room…But all i could do was tidy the environment and pray that he feels better. I tell you something; sleep ran away from my eyes and it got me pondering about this marriage thing… Are you really sure you want to do this was all i could ask myself; but i guess that experience inspired this piece.

Hello pretty lady,

 Before you get yourself worked up and asking God why you are not yet married, I need you to ponder on these points that I am about to bring to you today. I write as an unmarried lady but that is not a shortcoming to my knowledge of the necessary things one must know about marriage and taking the bold step to say I DO… Here we go!

  • Are you ready to put others first?
  • Have you learnt how to keep a home? cooking, cleaning and other creative things.
  • Are you ready to sacrifice my food and space for others sometimes?
  • Are you ready to listen without intruding or judging?
  • Are you ready to pray and stay on your knees to keep your home?
  • Are you ready to share your body sometimes against your will just to please your husband?
  • Are you ready to take corrections?
  • Are you ready to go some nights or days without enough sleep or rest as you are responsible for the welfare of your husband and kids?
  • Are you ready for the discomfort you would experience during pregnancies most especially the first and early stage?
  • Have you  learnt enough about how to turn a house into a home so your husband and kids can rise up and call you blessed?
  • How are you with kids and can  you stand the sight and smell of a child’s poo? 
  • Are you ready for the distressed times in marriage? In times of lack,Sickness or Confusions…
  • What if something goes wrong,can you still stay with this person and fight the good fight of faith?
  • Are you ready to respect and stay submissive forever to this man?
  • What exactly do you know about marriage,raising kids and keeping a family?
  • What can your children look up to you for?
  • Are you patient,enduring and persevering?
  • Do you know what it takes to be a mother,wife,priest,sister,bestie,confidant and much more to your hubby?
  • What books and messages have i read and listened to about marriage that will guide me through the journey?
  • How much of God do you know and are you ready to know him more as you prepare to raise a family that will glorify God?

            I could go on and on as the lists are endless but i just need you to ponder on this few…

N/B: Answer the questions grade yourself.If you need to improve,please do,if you need to learn,please do.It’s only a *hold on and ask yourself post*before you think of accepting that ring or saying i do…

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