The market place is a place where buying and selling take place. You are either buying or selling something in the market. Someone might be wondering what exactly is on my mind right now, but I advice that you follow me closely on this one.

Before one goes to the market, you must have a list of what you hope to purchase or you might end up purchasing what you did not plan for or what you don’t need. On the other hand, if you are selling, you must have a price tag on the things you put up for sale and also a welcoming atmosphere for your buyers.

I see someone rolling her eyes and wanting to ask what exactly my point is; here we go

The world can be likened to a market place. We are all here to buy or sell. However, you ought to know by now where you fall… Buyer or seller. I would explain how you can know where you fall.


These are group of people who come to the market with a need. They sometimes come with a list or have what they intend to purchase on their mind. Relating this to the world, these are the people who need something from others to survive; things such as words of encouragement, ideas, insights, words of affirmations etc. They can either pay for what they need or get it for free. They sometimes grow from buyers to sellers depending on how well they use their resources.

These are group of people with the ideas, talents, gifts etc. They sometimes consider you when you need to purchase an item but can’t due to certain reasons. They sometimes adopt the use of persuasion to have you purchase what they are selling; whether you patronize them or not, someone eventually does.

So who are you in this world with this brief explanation of mine?

It is an error to be found in the market place with no intention of buying or selling. Most people are here on planet earth with little or no knowledge of why they are here… PURPOSE. A wise man once said ”when the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable”. What this simply means is that your inability to know why you are here, will encourage you to take your existence for a joke.

I always like to tell people this; it does not matter the situation that surrounded your birth, now that you are here, find your uniqueness and give voice to it. Let the world be blessed by you and let everyone feel your positive impact before you depart.

In essence, make your being in the market place worthwhile. Remember so many have come to the market place and left…. No one stays in the market place forever.

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