Shout out to all the guys out there.I hope you find my piece interesting.. Today, I write as a mouthpiece for all ladies..
  I need you to know that these ladies ought to be respected,cherished and loved. Enough of how terrible you make her feel. Learn to see all ladies like your sister, mum or daughter..

  Few weeks ago,I got engaged in a conversation and I was shocked by what I heard.. It’s funny how you guys kiss and tell… Can’t you keep stuff to yourself? The question that comes to my mind is this; now that you said all that happened between you and her to a third party,how does it make you feel?

  I have never heard that an award was given to any man regarding the times he did the wrong things to a lady… You know the things you talk about; why then do you derive joy in telling people the things you did.. That’s not janded.

  Ladies would respect you more if they know they can trust you with anything. Please guys, change your mentality most especially how you see and treat ladies. You must not speak if all you can say are negative things about her. You are either telling the world how you slept with her or how your friend did.. Really? Is that all you can say? Please, times are changing..if you cannot help or assist her in becoming better,just let her be. Enough of how you make ladies feel.

Do you remember you have a sister? Oh! If you don’t, you will have a daughter someday. BE NICE.

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