Proverbs 31 woman..

An uncommon woman is not common.

Before she became an uncommon woman,she was once an uncommon girl and also an uncommon lady.
The uncommon woman is a weak and strong person.
She knows when to listen or speak..
She does not believe in sex but stuff.. Her stuffs her the major components that make her up.. Character….

She appears ordinary but does extra ordinary things..
She does not believe in association to stand out.
She believes in being unique.


1: Proverbs 31:10
 She is not common; in this regard there is a finding.. You must find her.

2: Proverbs 31:15
 She is an early riser.. She plans and think ahead. She ensures that everything is accurately done.

3: Proverbs 31:16,22,24,27.
  She is industrious.. She makes something out of nothing.. She is useful with her hands.. She is creative.
4: Proverbs31: 11,12,23,28.
  She is a pride to her family, husband,kids community etc.. She is a source of joy to everyone.
Her children look up to her and take her as their first role model. Her husband cherishes her because her character in the environment makes everyone respect him.
5: Proverbs 31:26,30
  She fears the Lord… Everything she concerns herself and her household is knowing and referencing God as long as they live..

Fact: To be virtuous is to stay connected to God.

Fact: A virtuous woman is always conscious of her words..she speaks only wise and positive words.

Fact: She stays close to God so as to resist the temptations of the world.

Fact: She lives what she believes.



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