Hello dear readers,
 Today I will be sharing something I titled That Kinda Girl.. I will tell us who she is and the mystery behind that her… I also want to encourage her to stay strong.

That kinda girl is always at the top of her game.

She’s not necessarily beautiful as the case implies but she’s got a beautiful soul.

 She’s that girl that you can take to mama..

But, i would like to tell you there’s a mystery behind that girl.

That kinda girl appears strong but she’s weak inside. Not weak in knowing and understanding her worth but not completely as strong as she looks.
She’s that girl who has spent most of her time fighting to be strong and become all she ever dreamt of becoming despite the difficulties in becoming it.
She’s got a beautiful smile on for everybody to see but in her closet,she weeps and cries to be understood,loved and cherished.
That kinda girl could be pretty but most times not the natural beauty. Now it’s difficult to cherish the inner beauty of that kinda girl except you come close,listen to her story,understand her completely, then you would learn to cherish her forever..
She has lost more than she has gained.
She has cried more than the times she laughed.
She has fought more wars than the time she was celebrated.
She looks super awesome in her lovely dresses and heel shoes,wears nice make-up and looks like everything is going well for her,but the reverse is the case because as soon she comes back to her closet,she takes off her dress,removes her shoes in haste,takes off her make up and suddenly remembers all her pains and prays someone just might know how she feels inside…
When she finds no one to express her fears,pains and disappointments to,she looks into the mirror in tears and speaks to herself and whispers words like.. How long will I feel this way?
Is there anyone out there who can hear the wordsvin my heart that I cannot utter..
Will I ever be happy..
Don’t I deserve to be happy like every other girl out there…
Too many questions flow through her mind but she finds no help or response to them; so she wipes the tears from her eyes, braces herself up and come out looking strong and happy.
That kinda girl can be called a fighter. She knows her worth and would never want to be devalued.
She stays strong and believes in her dreams and aspirations.

All that kinda girl wants is a little bit of time towards finding herself…

 To all you ladies out there who are fighting,I encourage you to keep fighting..I see a conqueror in you and I believe in you. Together we can make a difference.  Stay strong pretty.  


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